The Worlds fastest street legal Cosworth - became the first Cosworth to exceed 200mph reaching 201.8mph on the 16th September 2004 at Bruntingthorpe Testing Ground, it was my 59th birthday, what a present. The record was raised to 206.1 mph at Woodbridge airstrip on the 20th August 2005. An attempt on this record was made on 13th October 2005 also at Woodbridge airstrip during a shoot for 5th Gear TV programme.  Despite very wet conditions and wheel spin up to 185 mph a speed of 206.0mph was achieved.

After a long period of development my car is set to have another attempt with 214mph the  target we have set, its a tough one.



The Latest Conversion was carried out by Mark Shead of M.A.Developments.  On the 5th December 2008 it recorded 838bhp/666ft-lb on the Norris Designs Dyno using race fuel .  This  is Backed up with a 100bhp shot of Progressive Controlled Direct Port Nitrous.  In January 2011 the GT4202 turbo was replaced by the latest GTX4202 giving more power at the top end, pushing power to circa 860bhp.   Once past 100mph you would need a Veyron  to live with its acceleration. 0-60 4.1sec, 0-100 in 6.9sec, 0-150 in 12.6sec, 0-180 17.8sec & 0-200 24.5sec have been recorded.   The brakes, suspension, gearbox and almost every other part have required upgrading to cope. This car has taken over nineteen years to complete, I hope you get an insight into the pleasure this project has given me.